Copy & Funnel Accelerator: 
Two Of The World’s Best Copywriters Show You The Step-by-Step System Responsible For Over $500MM In Sales
Members of Copy & Funnel Accelerator Include:
Agora Financial, Warrior Media, Natural Health Sherpa and Other Top Marketers
Copy & Funnel Accelerator is run by Stefan Georgi and Justin Goff. It’s an intensive, year-long training and coaching program designed to: 
  •  Quickly increase conversions, AOV, and LTV on new offers, fatigued offers, and even dead offers...
  •  Get writers producing world-class copy in less time, and without the need for extensive revisions…
  •  Help you create winning funnels that work on FB, Google, and Native in 2019 – and no matter how the network compliance landscape changes…
  •  Give you the training and confidence you need to scale offers...
  • And much, much more...
Who is Copy & Funnel Accelerator For:
1. Successful Business Owners

The Problem: 
Copywriting is a major bottleneck in your business. You need killer, high-converting copy to scale your offers and brands. Yet hiring and training copywriters can be time-consuming and financially intensive. And hiring freelance writers can be a total crap shoot – you never know if you’re going to get a winner or a dud from them. 
How Copy & Funnel Accelerator Solves The Problem:
We train your existing copywriters and make them better. Even if they are strong right now, we have systems and strategies that will help them produce stronger copy faster. As a result – you spend less time on hiring and developing writers, while reaping all the rewards. 
2. Copywriters

The Problem: 
You’ve fallen in love with this crazy thing called copywriting. You’ve already done some client work, and maybe you already have some exciting “wins to your name. That part is awesome. The parts that suck: it takes you forever to write winning copy, you often feel lost or stuck as you’re creating promos and other forms of ad copy, you’re not consistent, you hate constantly searching for new clients. 
How Copy & Funnel Accelerator Solves The Problem:
We give you a proven system and methodology for writing better copy faster. You’ll find out how to not get stuck on projects, but to produce consistently strong-copy time-after-time. We’ll show you how to make more money while doing fewer offers, and through our incredible network we’ll also help connect you with dream clients (once you’re ready). 

Why Stefan Georgi and Justin Goff?
Stefan’s copy has generated over $530MM in revenue since 2011. But more importantly he’s developed a powerful, replicable, and systematic copywriting process over the last decade. He used this process to produce 10+ winning offers a month for Lion’s Publishing back in 2014-2015, and he’s also used it to train numerous copywriters who have gone on to create 7 and 8-figure winning offers. 
Justin is universally recognized as one of the best copywriters in the world. He helped scale Patriot Health Alliance to $23MM in revenue in just two years. Since leaving PHA Justin has become the go-to-guy for making offers work on cold traffic, and his Beat Your Control Event in 2018 saw the most highly-regarded names in our space paying $25,000 per person to learn his funnel optimization techniques. 
How Does Copy & Funnel Accelerator Work?
Membership Includes:
  •  Live weekly Zoom training calls where Stefan and Justin teach their copy & optimization secrets, share their most recent successes, and dissect winning offers. 
  •  Real-time feedback and advice on whatever you’re working on (funnels, sales letters, ad copy, etc) during the weekly Zoom calls (Platinum Level Only). 
  •  Access to recordings of every call in the private Copy & Funnel Accelerator website. 
  •  Membership into our private Copy & Funnel Accelerator Facebook group, where participants can ask questions throughout the week and get feedback from Stefan, Justin, and the rest of the group. 
  •  Two live training events per year where Stefan and Justin will provide 1-On-1 and Group Training, Share Top Strategies, and Bring In Outside Experts on Compliance, Copy, and Optimization.   
What’s The Investment To Join Copy & Funnel Accelerator?
Platinum Level (Limited to 20 People To Start)
 Weekly Zoom Training
 Access to All Recordings
 Access to the Private FB Group
 Access to 2 Live Events Per Year
+ Live feedback from Stefan and Justin on all Zoom Calls – anything you’re working on, bring it to the call and Stefan and Justin will help you with it. 
 1 Individual: 12 monthly payments of $2,800 or $30,000 Per Year 
 Businesses That Enroll 2 Team Members: 12 monthly payments of $5,000 or $55,000 / Year
 Businesses That Enroll 3 Team Members: 12 monthly payments of $7,500 or $82,500 / Year
Business Owners: Want To Enroll More Team Members? Talk to us for group pricing.  
Gold Level
 Weekly Zoom Training
 Access to All Recordings
 Access to the Private FB Group
 Access to 2 Live Events Per Year
+ Gold members can get feedback from Stefan and Justin in the Facebook group, and can ask questions on the main teaching call.
12 Monthly Payments of $1,800 or $18,000 Per Year 
Why You Should Join Copy & Funnel Accelerator
Business Owners

Hiring a single A-level, or B-level copywriter on your team would probably cost you at least $100,000 a year, or $8,333 per month…
And if we told you that new team member would profitably generate you an additional $1MM, $3MM or $5MM in additional revenue over the next year, you’d make that hire every time right?
Copy & Funnel Accelerator gets you that exact same ROI…
We take your current copywriters, and turn them from rank beginners, or “journeymen” copywriters and turn them into bona-fide winners. 
The best part?
You can enroll your top copywriter or team member into the Platinum Level for only 30% of what it would cost to bring on a big name copywriter. 
The Platinum level is just $2,800 per month. And the Gold Level is just $1,800 per month. 
If you’re a copywriter (whether freelance or writing your own stuff), the ROI on being able to consistently produce winning sales copy, and making your funnels convert better on cold-traffic is tremendous. 
Literally, one new winning control or one new idea from Stefan and Justin will pay for the program itself.  
For an investment in yourself of $2,800 or $1,800 per month (depending on which level you choose), we can help take you to the A-list level of the copywriting world. 
And along with that you’ll also get access to all of the clients and friends that Stefan and Justin have in the space. Which means you can get BETTER paying clients, who see the value in spending $25k, $50k or even $100k on a copy project. 
We’re confident that you’ll profitably generate an additional 5, 6 or even 7 figures in annual revenue while in the program. 
Copy & Funnel Accelerator Sounds Badass,
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