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“Two Of Our Businesses Just Had 
Their Best Months Ever!”
“Working with Justin and Stefan has been a game-changer for us. Last month was the best month ever for two of our businesses. Our main business saw revenues DOUBLE, and one of our side businesses saw a 25% increase. Both these businesses are in the 7-Figure + range, so the revenue increases are significant. And the #1 reason for our tremendous growth is their copywriting mentorship, as well as using their advice to improve the backend of our funnels.”

- Tim Reiss, Owner of Two Successful Health And Survival Businesses
"My Monthly Income Went From 
$15k A Month To $50k A Month."
“Writing copy day in and day out without feedback is like running on a hamster wheel. It keeps you busy, but you never get anywhere. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling the past 5 years. 

You can read all the books, buy all the courses but if you don’t have access to people who truly know how to breakdown copy, dive deep and rip it to shreds.

You’ll never get to where you want to be. 

During my career, I’ve been lucky enough to get clients on a pretty regular basis, but I’ve also ruined some great opportunities because my skill set wasn’t where it should be yet. It can be demoralizing, but it’s the way it goes.

As a member of Copy and Funnel Accelerator, I feel like I’m finally turning the corner. And getting feedback directly from Stefan and Justin is like getting a PhD in writing copy. It simply doesn’t get any better. 

Over the last 7 months, my monthly income went from about $15k a month to $50k last month. 

This has been the most impactful training and group I’ve ever taken part in. And the best career decision I’ve ever made and we’re just getting started.”

- Randall Pruitt, 7 Figure Copywriter 
“Our New Email Creatives Are 
Smashing Our Controls.”
“We incorporated one little tweak that Justin recommended. It led to a lift in CTR, CNV, and revenues virtually across the board. Now the new emails I’m creating are routinely smashing our controls. There’s no doubt that this single piece of advice from Justin will lead to an additional six, if not seven figures of revenue per year for us.”

- Tanner Henkel, Copywriter for Natural Health Sherpa
“ Helped Me Create The Best FB Ad 
That I’ve Ever Run.”
“I incorporated Stefan’s research process into our Facebook Ad Creatives. And literally the first ad I made after following his methodology produced one of the biggest winners we’ve ever run. It’s insanely profitable ad with better click rates and engagement too. Now I use the process Stefan taught me for every ad I create, and the rest of our team does too.”

- Ed Reay, Copywriter for Dan Lok
“Increased Our Upsell Take Rate By 25%”
“We used one of Justin’s upsell strategies and it increased our upsell take rate by 25%. This is a huge deal for us, as we do several thousand front ends a day. What’s even better is that this strategy is completely replicable. So we can incorporate it into every single one of our funnels now and forever. This alone will add another seven-figures to our bottom line this year.”

- Nick Daniel, CEO of V Shred
“Ive Been Able To Write Copy 
I Didn’t Know I Had In Me”
“After being personally guided by both Justin and Stefan, I can honestly say this has been the best thing for my copywriting, ever.

Sure, I’m fairly new to the industry. And I’ve still got tons to learn and implement. But I’ve seen huge strides forward in my copy thanks to just a handful of the trainings inside Copy Accelerator.

Gotta’ say though, my favorite part of the program - being able to ask them for help and direction inside the group. They don’t just give wishy washy answers, both Justin and Stefan give more than I expect, all the time. As a result, I’ve been able to write copy I didn’t know I had in me just a few short months ago.”

- Jamie Lynch, Copywriter for Mike Giannulis’s team
“I Stay Up Til 1 AM in Singapore 
Just To Be On The Calls”
“Justin and Stefan's Copy Accelerator program is the place to be. The strategies, techniques and feedback that they provide on copy, funnel flows and all things related to a direct response business is pure gold. The Copy Accelerator facebook group is also proving to be a treasure trove of value. A lot of my questions were answered in detail, with even templates and exact documents provided as additional resources to help me in getting the result I wanted. The high caliber of fellow members also allows me to learn from others in areas of my business that I'm weaker in.

Honestly I'm not sure why Justin and Stefan are doing this. They are sincere in providing value. They commit a ton of time and effort to the group for the peanuts that we are paying. I even stay up until 1am just to be on the weekly calls, that's how valuable this is to me.”

- Alvin Huang, CEO of Truegenics
“From Newbie to Award Winning Copywriter In Just 3 Months”
“Prior to joining the Copy Accelerator program, I had never written anything longer than an email...To say I was panicked when I was unexpectedly offered the Jr. Copywriter role at my company was a total understatement! However...Immediately after the first copy call with Justin and Stefan, I took a deep sigh of relief... After working with Justin and Stefan for only 3 short months, I received an award from our CEO for delivering effective copy at a very rapid pace. I am confident that the Copy Accelerator Program is just as powerful for a true beginner as it would be for any seasoned veteran. The assets and information shared in this group are priceless and have already made a measurable difference in our business. I count myself extremely lucky to be coached by such absolute pros and I owe them many thanks for my success.”

- Nina Moseley, Lead Affiliate Manager and Jr. Copywriter at Warrior Made
“I Went From $5k a Month To $15k a Month In Just 7 Months”
“Less than 45 minutes into the very first call, I already knew this was the best investment I’ve ever made.

Over the last 7 months my income went from $5k a month to $15k a month. 
I went from a high level email copywriter to writing cold-traffic converting sales letters in only 3 hours, and that’s simply a FRACTION of what I got out of just the first 4 weeks of the Copy Accelerator.
Frankly, the amount of value Stefan and Justin drop on a weekly basis is simply unreal. One of my business partners is also in the group, and each week we tell each other how blown away we are by the quality of not only Stefan and Justin’s teachings, but the group as a whole.
It’s full of a who’s who of copywriters and A-list direct response marketers, yet it feels like a family, where everyone genuinely wants to help each other, as opposed to cutting each other down.
Not only that, but Stefan and Justin go above and beyond every week, not just with the group but with individual members as well.
I’ve had multiple business coaches, been in multiple masterminds, and I’m not sure I’ve found a coach who will do as much for you personally as Stefan Georgi.
He, like Justin, will go out of his way to help you, regardless of how much time it’ll take him.
Simply put, this program is one of a kind. Not only are you working with two of the best copywriters and marketers ON THE PLANET, but they genuinely care about you and your success - you’re not just a number to them, you’re a part of their team.
No matter how much experience you may or may not have, if you’re serious about becoming the best copywriter and marketer you can be, then you owe it to yourself, your business, your clients and your customers to join the Copy Accelerator.”

Sam Robson, 7 Figure Copywriter
“One Tip They Gave Me Added $40,000 In Extra Cash In My Pocket”
“With 1 simple tip Justin and Stefan mentioned in the Copy Accelerator FB Group...which took me literally 5 minutes to implement..we saw a $3200/mo bump in NET profit on one of my funnels. That's nearly $40K/yr extra cash in my pocket at the current level (and should easily break 6-figures in "free money" this year as the funnel keeps scaling)... for 2 minutes of work. Doesn't get much better than this.”

-Sayan Sarker, Consultant and Copywriter for Health Supplements

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